madragorava.jpgThis is Gaming Goddess, a gaming blog about RPGs, dungeon crawlers, PS1 classics, handhelds, and whatever I'm currently playing. I'm Karen, and please excuse the arrogance of the title "Gaming Goddess", but let's be honest, "Some Chick that Plays Games" would be a really lame title, and there weren't too many other options. I'm partial to 8-bit Goddess, however I don't think I can quite get away with that since I tend to be horribly bad at any game from the NES era. So Gaming Goddess it is --- at least until I can beat Metroid or something.

Of course I'm inclined to think that everything that I'm going to cover is unbelievably fascinating, but not all gamers share my tastes, so I want to let you know up front what this blog will cover, and what I will ignore. While this is not specifically a retro blog, I have a fondness for the PS1 era, so you can expect a lot of games from that system to be covered. I love RPGs of pretty much every distinction, be they traditional, tactical, action-RPG or whatever, so I'm going to try to cover pretty much every RPG I can get my hands on. I love any game that involves a dungeon, and killing things and collecting items in said dungeon. Action/Adventure games tend to be hit or miss with me, but I do enjoy quite a few of them and intend to spend some time on those. Generally speaking I have no interest in puzzle games, first-person shooters, shoot-em-ups, and driving/racing games, although there may be exceptions. I don't have enough experience with simulation or old fashioned point-and-click adventure games to know whether or not I want to spend much time with them, but I'm definitely going to experiment with those genres in the future, so they are bound to receive some coverage.

Furthermore, while I will inevitably end up reviewing some new games, there are tons of other blogs doing that quite prolifically and well, so that's not going to be my main focus: I'm more interested in writing commentary and analysis than assigning numbers. There will be spotlights on my favorite characters, ideas for sequels for games that I'd like to see, commentary on gaming goodies and merchandise, and basically anything relating to gaming that I find interesting. There will be some honest-to-God literary analysis of games that have stories that merit such attention, although I'm going to try to keep the pretentiousness and general crap that typically goes along with such analysis down to an absolute minimum. In addition, I do some game fanart, so I will be using that both to illustrate some of my blog posts, as well as call attention to other fanart that I think is cool. At some point, there may be a comic strip; such things have been known to happen.

So uh, in short this is going to be like, totally the mostest awesomest blog ever and you should definitely be reading it and tell all your friends. So there.